Paleo Snack Ideas

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Paleo Snack Ideas – Are There Many Choices?

One of the most common conundrums that the paleo world faces is how to find paleo-friendly snacks. It is hard to find paleo recipes that detail how to make your own paleo snacks. Sometimes we get so used to candy, granola bars, baked goods, and chips that we find it difficult to think about anything else. Of course the vending machine hardly has a solution if you are looking for paleo snack ideas. If you want paleo-friendly snacks, the best thing you can do is to make them personally.
Paleo recipes for tasty and healthy snacks – The Top Paleo Snack Ideas
Whether or not you like to eat in between meals, it is always a good idea to have some healthy snacks around to avoid binging on unhealthy foods. There are many paleo snack ideas that you can find on the internet. Whichever snacks you make can easily be carried to work or school. The following are some tasty snacks that you can prepare when you get enough free time.
• All-natural fruit roll-ups
• Bacon wrapped dates
• Berries with balsamic vinegar and almonds
• Chard and cashew sauté
• Ants on a log
• Bananas with almond butter and coconut
• Berries with coconut and lime
Most of the above paleo recipes require quite some time to prepare. If you are unable to prepare these snacks for any reason, you shouldn’t worry because there are many paleo snack ideas that can save a lot of time for you.


Paleo snacks that are quick and easy to prepare

Sweet potatoes: You can bake some sweet potatoes and have them ready in your fridge at all times. These potatoes should be mashed with cinnamon, coconut oil, and sea salt. The only preparation needed prior to eating is warming them in a microwave oven.


Fruits and vegetables: You can keep virtually any type of fruits and veggies to eat in between meals. Commonly snacked-on fruits and vegetables include: cucumbers, apples, carrots, bananas, mangos, and pineapple slices.


Leftovers: If you are out of paleo snack ideas for things to prepare, make a little more of whatever you have for dinner. Leftover foods make great snacks whether they are eaten at home or carried to work or school.


Paleo ‘yoghurt’: We are not talking about the conventional yoghurt made with dairy products here. For this yoghurt, mix whole-fat coconut milk with a splash of lime juice, add unsweetened apple sauce, and sliced fruit. If you don’t mind the carbs, you can add honey and some dark chocolate chips. This is one of the paleo recipes that enable you to make great tasting yoghurt without dairy milk.


Any meat with avocado or guacamole smeared on top: This snack is common among paleo recipes because of how easy it is to make. Roast one or two pounds of any meat for 15 minutes and you can snack on the meat for a whole week. To avoid eating too much of it, you can slice it up and put it in glass containers and grab a piece whenever you need a snack.
Sometimes chasing down paleo recipes and making your own snacks might take too long. In this case, you can find many paleo snacks being sold online. However, buying pre-made snacks significantly reduces your options. Also, some snacks are more paleo than others. These paleo snack ideas look good, don’t you think?

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